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Private donations is important for KTH. You can choose to donate to a field of research that you feel is particularly important. Your contribution is important. KTH's Development office will help you identify research projects in the area you are most interested in supporting. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or want to know more about how you can contribute to KTH's research and education.

KTH's Development Office

Welcome to contact us to discuss major gifts and extended support to KTH!

+ 46 (0) 8 790 82 32 

KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Development Office
100 44 Stockholm

Visting address: Teknikringen 1 5th floor, KTH Campus


Louise Dellström
Louise Dellström Deputy Director +4687908232 Profile
Ulf Bolin
Ulf Bolin senior development officer +4687908206 Profile
Anna Hamilton
Anna Hamilton development officer +4687909209 Profile
Louise Barlach Anderson
Louise Barlach Anderson development officer 0737652201 Profile
Tina De Geer
Tina De Geer development officer +4687908217 Profile


Ulrika Bengtsdotter
Ulrika Bengtsdotter foundation officer +4687907038 Profile
Veronica Haegeland
Veronica Haegeland scholarship officer +4687908252 Profile
Jenny Jarting Berg
Jenny Jarting Berg scholarship officer +4687908209 Profile