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KTH Baltic Tech Initiative

For a healthier Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea is in a poor state, primarily due to over-fertilisation, overfishing and toxic pollution. The KTH Baltic Tech Initiative primarily aims to provide technical solutions addressing three of the Baltic Sea’s top problems: human impact, internal strain and over-fertilisation, and insufficient information.

KTH Baltic Tech Initiative is an opportunity for you who are involved in the Baltic Sea issue to support a wide selection of solution-oriented research projects for a healthier Baltic Sea. As a prominent technical Baltic Sea university, KTH has important knowledge to contribute and it is time to do more for the well-being of the Baltic Sea.

Support KTH Baltic Tech Initiative 

As a member of the initiative you can contribute to the achievement of relevant results in several different research projects for a healthier Baltic Sea. Among others you are offered the opportunity to meet KTH researchers in their lab environments and at KTH's field stations, receive information about the latest results and participate in seminars. You are welcome to give your gift to the project via bank transfer KTH Research Fund 5565-0790 or swish your contribution to the number 123 172 69 00. Mark the payment with "KTH Baltic Tech Initiative". 

Thank you for your support!