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Brainpower to your company? Do you need a new angle on a problem? Here you can reach our clever students via the KTH Degree Project Portal and advertise proposals for degree projects and other assignments during their time of study.

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How it works

You present your assignment in a ready form, and then you are able to edit, update, and end the assignment via your own user account.

User account

You begin by creating a user account. Thereafter you will be able to fill in a form describing your assignment and you can also edit or end it by changing the publication date. It is not possible to attach files to the ad.

You will be notified by email when your user account has been approved. It will include your account details and how you set up your advertisement. It may take a few days before your assignment is published by the administrator.

An employer may have multiple contacts, every contact must, however, create their own unique user account. If only one person needs to administer the assignment, you can enter other contact persons in the field that is free, where the assignment is described. We only permit bona fide companies and advertisements in the KTH Degree Project Portal, and therefore carry out a manual review of all new registrations.

Degree projects

KTH’s students complete a degree project at the end of their education. This is an opportunity to apply their knowledge in practice. The degree project continues for ten or twenty weeks (15 or 30 university credits) and is supervised by KTH in cooperation with the organisation. It may be commenced both during the spring and autumn terms. The final approval rests with the examiner at KTH.

Project assignments

The programme often includes solving a minor technical assignment in project form for one or two weeks with the objective of training the student to work with others and share work tasks. This assignment must be resolved and documented in a technical report. The project group is led by a project assistant. A project assignment is a simple form of cooperation and may form the first step towards a long collaboration with KTH.

Trainee jobs

This is a type of employment that may be offered to students who have recently graduated or who are still studying. They follow a programme which lasts for about 12-15 months divided into three month periods and they are given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills as employees.

Internships (sandwich placements)

This is a type of a more qualified internship in which students can get practical work experience. It usually lasts a couple of months and often takes place during the summer.

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Last changed: Oct 09, 2020