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Published Articles

Here you can find a list of articles with links to journals or to fulltext versions


V. Ceccato et al., "Changing environments to promote safety in libraries," European Journal of Criminology, 2024.
I. Ioannidis et al., "Using remote sensing data to derive built-form indexes to analyze the geography of residential burglary and street thefts," Cartography and Geographic Information Science, pp. 1-17, 2024.
A. Rex and H. Westlund, "Coworking and local development outside metropolitan areas in Sweden," Journal of Rural Studies, vol. 105, 2024.
V. Ceccato and J. Westman, "Where Does Firearm-Related Violence Occur in Cities?," Journal of Planning Literature, pp. 1-18, 2024.
O. Persson and J. B. Hinton, "Second-hand clothing markets and a just circular economy? : Exploring the role of business forms and profit," Journal of Cleaner Production, vol. 390, pp. 136139, 2023.
F. Almeida et al., "Análise temporal de roubos e furtos a residência em Cuiabá, Brasil," Revista Brasileira de Segurança Pública, vol. 17, no. 1, pp. 208-231, 2023.
Y. Yan and A. A. Shahraki, "Exploring the Mutual Relationships between Public Space and Social Satisfaction with Case Studies," Sustainability, vol. 15, no. 9, pp. 7710, 2023.
V. Ceccato et al., "Safety in a public library : the perspective of visitors and staff," Library Management, vol. 44, no. 3/4, pp. 229-245, 2023.
M. Emanuel and D. Normark, "(Un)equal footing : Otherings and orderings of urban mobility," Journal of Transport History, vol. 44, no. 2, pp. 165-182, 2023.
V. Ceccato, O. Parishwad and N. Levine, "Defecation, littering and other acts of public disturbance in pandemic times : A study of a Scandinavian city," Cities, vol. 141, pp. 104456-104456, 2023.
V. Ceccato, T. J. Aransiola and M. Justus, "Space-time dynamics of cargo theft : evidence from São Paulo, Brazil," Journal of Transportation Security, 2023.
S. E. Hale et al., "Evaluating Nature-Based Solutions for Water Management in Peri-Urban Areas," Water, vol. 15, no. 5, pp. 893, 2023.
J. Lindblad, "Planning context : Flexible plans and mayoral authority in French urban planning," Environment & Planning. D, Society and Space, 2023.
M. Henning, H. Westlund and K. Enflo, "Urban–rural population changes and spatial inequalities in Sweden," Regional Science Policy & Practice, vol. 15, no. 4, pp. 878-892, 2023.
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