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Argentina: Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina

Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA) is located by the river in the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. The university ranks 12th among the universities of Argentina. More than 20,000 students study here, of which more than 800 are international. Some subjects are offered on other campus, eg Rosario, which is located 300 km away form the city.

University in brief

Language of instruction:  Spanish
Academic calendar: August-December, February-July
Credit system: 18 creditos is equivalent to 30 ECTS credits
Youtube: UCAarg
Note: Mandatory local medical insurance, appr. ca 4000 kr, is bought on site.

Exchange opportunities

Number of spots: Approx. 2 semester spots per year
Grade requirements: Spanish(level B2 required; compulsory free placement test upon arrival)

Programme specific information

If your programme or your school is not listed below, contact the international coordinator at your school.