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Late application for exchange studies

During the autumn semester, you can make a late application for exchange studies. You can then apply for both university wide agreements and through agreements open only for students at each respective school. The late application is open in September every year.


Late application for exchange studies 2024/2025 is closed. The late application will be open from 27 August 12.00 noon, to 10 September 12.00 noon.

You will find the application link here when the application is open.

After the allocation of exchange study places, there will be a number of places open for which qualified students can apply. The late application is open in September every year. You can apply for exchange places that have not been allocated. Some exchange places are open for all KTH students, while some are open only for students at the respective KTH schools. With late application, KTH is nominating students on a first come, first served basis.

Requirements and preparations

For students with Swedish residence permit

A condition for a residence permit in Sweden is that the studies require the student's presence here. If you are planning to go to another country for an exchange term, you should contact the authorities of that country to find out what is required for a stay in that country. You should also contact the unit at the Swedish Migration Agency that granted the residence permit.

If you go on an exchange during your ongoing permit period, you are no longer entitled to a residence permit, which may result in it being revoked. A revocation of a residence permit does not mean that it will be more difficult for you when you apply for a new permit to continue your studies in Sweden. However, it is important that you apply for a new permit in time before returning to Sweden. You must have the new permit before you enter Sweden.

Learn more on the Swedish Migration Agency's website (  Click "What applies to exchanges?".

Before submitting the application, make sure that you are eligible according to the principles described at Requirements and selection . Please note that, in this application round, your study credentials will be based on the finalised courses during the latest terminated study period in your programme, at the time of your application.

If you have already been allocated an exchange place in January or March, you may only apply for another exchange place, if:

  • it turns out that the allocated place will not fit academically, or
  • if you would like to apply for a prolonged stay at the allocated university.

To be complete, the application must include:

  • a preliminary course form preliminary course choice form (dotx 65 kB) , that is, a list of courses that you plan to study at the chosen universities; also motivate your choices. The studies should be equivalent to full-time studies and the credits awarded must be possible to get recognised into your degree at KTH. Please read the FAQ on exchange studies  about course choices.
  • an email message sent to your school's international coordinator , so that the application will get handled by her/him. If this is not made, the application is not considered valid.

Do not forget to check the language of instruction. Exchange places are allocated on a "first come, first served " basis, as soon as the eligibility has been verified by your school's international coordinator .

Please note that you can not apply for a spot through the KTH general agreements later than three weeks from the application deadline at the partner university.


If you make a late application to more than one university, you need to rank the selected universities in order of priority. You will be made an offer for the university you have given the highest priority, if there is still a an exchange place, on condition that you meet the requirements and that the application deadline is not closer in time than three weeks from the day of your application.

The online application is made in two steps: the first part is about you and your study background. Once this is sent into the system, you will receive a message to complete the second part; then submit the application. Just follow the instructions carefully, then the application gets all correct.