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Turkey: Koç University

Koç University was founded in 1993 and has become one of the leading universities in Turkey, serving education with Faculties of Social Sciences and Humanities, Administrative Sciences and Economics, Science, Engineering, Law, Nursing and Medicine. On campus, you will find sixty buildings, academic and administrative, including laboratories, library, dormitories, faculty residences, social venues, a health centre and sports facilities.

University in brief

Language of instruction: English at Bachelor and Master
Academic calendar: September–January, January–June
Credit system: 1 KU credit/unit is usually equal to 2 ECTS; however there might be exceptions. Students are responsible for checking the ECTS-worth of the courses on KUSIS during course planning and enrollment periods.
Youtube: StudyatKocUniversityTurkey
Note: Courses coded 100-499 indicate UNDERGRADUATE courses (100s for Freshman, 200s for Sophomore, 300s for Junior, 400s for Seniors). Courses coded 500-699 indicate GRADUATE courses. You should have completed at least one year of study at KTH before going on exchange to Koç University.

Exchange opportunities

Number of spots: 4 semester spots per year
Grade requirements: No

Programme specific information

If your programme or your school is not listed below, contact the international coordinator at your school.