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Exchange places: Application round 2, February 2024

Here, you will find exchange places you can apply for during application round 2 for the academic year 2024-2025. On this page, you will find exchange places all students can take part in via KTH's university-wide, and lists of school-specific places.

Do you need support?

For further questions about the application and for which places you can apply, please get in touch with your international coordinator.

Some of the exchange places belong to KTH's joint agreements. All KTH students can apply for these places. In addition to these, there are school-specific places which are linked to specific subject areas and programmes.

To see all available places to apply for, look in the lists of university-wide agreements and the list(s) that belong to the KTH school to which your programme is linked.

University-wide agreements

All KTH students can apply for the following places. The lists are divided into non-European and European agreements. The lists contain the following columns:

  • Country: The country where the university is located.
  • University: Exchange university.
  • All students: Number of semester places that all students can apply for in this round.
  • Reserved: Number of semester places that are reserved for students who studied for their bachelor's degree at a university other than KTH.
  • Note: Info about, for example, required grade point average (GPA)

Exchange places at KTH's schools

Click on your school's name to see the exchange places connected to your KTH school. On each page are instructions on how to understand your school's list.

Don't miss these universities

Here, KTH's international coordinators and regional advisor give tips on great universities that usually have remaining exchange spots.