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Tekla internationally

In collaboration with the Swedish Institute and Sweden’s embassies, Tekla has arranged workshops all around the world.

In autumn 2018, KTH and the Swedish Institute  initiated a collaboration centred on an international launch of Tekla. This involved the Swedish embassy in Washington DC. A further four destinations were visited in autumn 2019 and spring 2020. A final call to South Africa (planned for the spring) was postponed owing to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Swedish Institute has been assigned the task of reinforcing the international image of our country by setting up dialogues and knowledge exchanges in fields where Sweden is a leader. It does this by, for example, offering Sweden’s worldwide embassies “toolkits” (materials, content and formats) for events and exhibitions that can be held locally. Tekla’s contributions to these toolkits are the Tekla Workshop and the Tekla Dialogue (a panel debate focused on highlighting relevant problems and solutions thereto).

The collaboration with the Swedish Institute and Sweden’s embassies enhances the country’s image and, at the same time, strengthens the KTH brand internationally. Via a fun approach and new, exciting environments, Tekla amasses knowledge and experience of inspiring girls to give technology a try.

In aiding Swedish Institute to fulfil its assigned task of setting up dialogues and knowledge exchanges focused on important societal issues (e.g. equal opportunities), Tekla has organised events at Sweden’s embassies worldwide. The goal and purpose have been to involve more girls in the natural sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics. Tekla offers an environment where they can build, test and create technologically along with inspiring female role models.

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Last changed: Jun 02, 2023