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A Fluid Mechanics track is available in both the master's programme and the doctoral programme in Engineering Mechanics.

Master's programme in Engineering Mechanics

The students taking the track in Fluid Mechanics will acquire a deep and widely applicable competence in fluid mechanics, preparing them for their future profession. Fluid Mechanics as a discipline encompasses physics, mathematics, mechanics, and numerical analysis. As our student, you will learn and work with modern theoretical, numerical, and experimental methods to find solutions to various fluid mechanical problems. In addition, extensive high-profile research is carried out within the field at KTH, which will be introduced via interaction with our researchers and teachers.

Doctoral programme in Engineering Mechanics

The programme offers courses in three specialisations: acoustics, structural mechanics and fluid mechanics. Fluid mechanics studies the motion of a fluid (gas or liquid) and its effects on other fluids or solids. Fluid mechanics research develops numerical computational models and experimental methods to understand the flow of fluids around different bodies and at different states and speeds. The demanding fluid mechanics calculations are performed on supercomputers and the experiments in wind tunnels.