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The Tale of the Great Computing Machine

"After the overture, the pre-data time, we enter the story just in time for the birth of Computa. Computa and the humans become friends, and the humans start handing over big decisions and their knowledge to Computa in the belief that it will benefit humanity. Computa's superiority is starting to aggravate the humans more and more until the day when the great catastrophe strikes, and everything stops working. After great difficulties, the humans get Computa working again and human and machine now live in symbiosis with each other. But even the symbiosis era will come to an end…”

Language: English
Playing time: 75 minutes
Performance dates: 1-16 December
Venue: The Reactor Hall at KTH

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The performance was recorded on 8/12 2022

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Composer Carl Unander-Scharin
Libretto Åsa Unander-Scharin & Carl Unander-Scharin in collaboration with Nils Spangenberg; built on a book by Hannes Alfvén from 1966 


Computa (alto) Anna Larsson (pre-recorded voice from the future)
Argon (dancer) Arina Trostyanetskaya
Hydrogenii (soprano) Elísabet Eínarsdottir
Oxygeni (mezzo) Linnea Andreassen
Nitritio (baritone) Jakob Högström
Carbon (bass) John Erik Eleby 


Violin Rebecka Karlsson
Recorders Kerstin Frödin
Lirone & Bass Viola da Gamba Nora Roll
Bass Trombone & Contra Bass Trombone Lars Westergren
Percussion Rolf Landberg

Musical coaches Martin Hellström, Michael Engström & Ludvig Nilsson 

Production team

Staging & Choreography Åsa Unander-Scharin
Musical direction Carl Unander-Scharin
Visual design & software development Ludvig Elblaus
Software development Federico Visi
Robot choreography Åsa Unander-Scharin
Costume & props design Anna Ardelius
Makeup design Theresia Frisk
Lighting design Jimmy Svensson 

Technical team

Technical leader and stage manager Jimmy Svensson
Director´s assistant Olov Nilsson
Assistant robotics programming Elsa Benzinger 
Sound & recordings Maurice Mogard
Costume cutter & tailor Mika Luther
Props. Costume, makeup during performances Barbro Lennartsdotter
Press photos Martin Hellström
Language coach Jeremy Carpenter  

Publisher Svensk Musik 


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