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Academic Board

Centre for the Future of Places has an Academic Board that consists of eight global academics, leading experts in the field:

  • Professor Emily Talen (Chicago University)
  • Professor Matthew Carmona (UCL Bartlett, London)
  • Professor Julian Agyeman (Tufts University, Boston)
  • Professor Neema Kudva (Cornell University)
  • Professor Ali Madanipour, (Newcastle University)
  • Professor David Gouverneur (UPENN, Philadelphia)
  • Professor David Canter (University of Liverpool)
  • Professor Fulong Wu (UCL Bartlett, London)
  • Professor Hubert Klumpner (ETH, Zurich)
  • Professor Vikas Mehta (University of Cincinnati)
Belongs to: Centre for the Future of Places
Last changed: Oct 26, 2020