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On these pages you find information about the research areas  and current research projects  at The Centre for the Future of Places.

The Centre for the Future of Places investigates the challenges facing our regions, metropolitan cities, towns and neighborhoods in the achievement of a more sustainable, resilient, livable, just and inclusive urbanism.

Our research focuses upon the urgent topic of public space, its role as an essential urban framework, its degradation under current global urbanization processes and the reforms that will be needed to achieve the public space goals of a “New Urban Agenda” as defined in 2016 by United Nations member states.

More broadly, the Centre investigate topics relating to the contemporary and future urban condition, development, planning, design and the urban form and placemaking processes of the city. We take as our principal professional concern the evolving role of urban planning and design within broader interdisciplinary fields, and their impacts upon human environments and social life.

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Last changed: Mar 18, 2019