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Urbanistica Podcast

As a part of a unique cooperation, the Centre for the Future of Places and Urbanistica Podcast is producing a series of interviews where the centre's researchers discuss current topics around different perspectives of urbanism and public space.

How do we create life in our cities ? 

We have hundreds of standards which take care of design details of rooms, buildings, streets, parks, public spaces etc. But why many cities end up with non-human scaled buildings, no walk-able streets, empty public spaces and poor quality of parks? Are we creating cities for people? Are we creating livable or dead cities?

Mustafa Sherif is an urban planner and founder of Urbanistica Podcast . His goal is to find ways of exploring, discussing and getting inspired by people who can tell: how do we create life in our cities!

The future of street-based retail - Rosa Danenberg

Urbanization and beyond - Tigran Haas

Sustaining a City's Culture and Character - Charles Wolfe

KTH & TU Wien Visiting Professorship Program in Urban Studies - Sabine Knierbein

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Last changed: Mar 24, 2021