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  • Quality Development Using Text Analysis Tools on Course Reflections

    In this project we will investigate how student course reflections can be analysed automatically or semi-automatically, using sentiment analysis and text analysis tools in order to both detect problems in courses, for driving quality development, and to evaluate if students’ perceptions of courses change when courses are modified.

  • Data Driven Learning

    By using Learning Analytics on e.g. click and log data from real courses we can statistically determine the impact of various methods, designs and strategies, such as Mindset and Self-Regulated Learning.

  • OneLearns - Online Education for Leaders in Nutrition and Sustainability

    The overall aim of OneLearns is to increase awareness of the potential of online education and use it to increase digital health literacy and promote the global sustainability goals. We are targeting government officials and actors in the civil society organisations (such as NGOs) in Rwanda, Ethiopia, and Kenya who hold a position with a mandate to bring about change.

  • Technology Enhanced Learning

    The Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) group makes teaching and human learning more effective and efficient since 2009.