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Creative Media Technology Seminars

Creative Media Technology Seminars is a seminar series organized by the Creative Media Technology group at the division of Media Technology and Interaction Design, KTH.

  • 2024, March 8th. 11:00. Stefano Delle Monache. "A Sound-driven Approach to Design Research" [Link to abstract ]

  • 2023, October 20th. 11:00. Atau Tanaka. "Brain-Body Digital Musical Instrument" [Link to abstract ]
  • 2023, February 2nd. 15:00. Ania Catherine, Dejha Ti, and Katja de Vries. "Artistic and legal-philosophical perspectives on deepfakes." [Link to abstract ]
  • 2022, October 21st. 10:30. Laura Zattra. "Teresa Rampazzi and other under-represented figures in the field of music with electronic technology." [Link to abstract ]