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Hillert Materials Modeling Tutorial series III: Julia for scientific computing

A pragmatic look at how to use the open-source programming language Julia for scientific computing. This tutorial compares strengths and weaknesses of Julia to other languages and gives an understanding of where Julia can be an effective tool.

Time: Tue 2023-04-04 14.00 - 16.00

Location: Zoom

Video link: Zoom link will be sent with registration

Participating: Lic. KristofferCarlsson

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Julia is a free and open-source programming language especially well suited for scientific computing. It was first released in 2012 and reached version 1.0 in 2018.

This tutorial will take a pragmatic look at using Julia for scientific computing. It will compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of Julia to other languages like Fortran and Python. The goal is to give the audience a high-level understanding of areas where Julia can be a particularly effective tool.


Kristoffer Carlsson
Kristoffer Carlsson.

Kristoffer Carlsson got his licentiate in Solid and Structural Mechanics in 2017 from Chalmers with Professor Fredrik Larsson as supervisor. Since then he has been working for Julia Hubas a Senior Software Engineer.

During his time at Julia Hub, he has been developing the Julia language and the surrounding tooling with a particular focus on the package manager and the debugger. He is also the current release manager of the language.

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