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Modeling with mathematical tools

Hillert Modeling Laboratory makes computational modeling tools for materials science more available, together with the corresponding expertise.

About the lab


  • Illustration of laptop and servers
    Image by DALL-E.
    Hillert Modeling Laboratory expands with new server capacity
    3 May 2023

    Software development speeds up at Hillert Modeling Laboratory with three new high end servers. Everyone affiliated to the department has the possibility to register and apply for access to ”Leto”, ”Me...

  • Mats Hillert
    Professor Emeritus Mats Hillert was 97 years old, all along an active researcher at KTH.
    A giant in materials research
    8 Mar 2023

    During his record-long researcher’s work on Materials Science, Mats Hillert trained generations of scientists and engineers. He also laid the foundation for modern materials science at KTH.