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On this page you find the first 15 minutes of our tutorials, to access the full versions please contact us at

Hillert Materials Modeling Tutorial series


Hillert Materials Modeling Tutorial series IV: Stacking fault energy

In this tutorial, Dr. Song Lu, senior researcher at the department of Materials Science and Engineering, will introduce the commonly used methods for determining the stacking fault energy (SFE), with a focus on the ab initio methods based on density functional theory calculations. He will also discuss different deviations and correlations in detail.


Tutorial: Julia for scientific computing (first part)

A pragmatic look at how to use the open-source programming language Julia for scientific computing. This tutorial compares strengths and weaknesses of Julia to other languages and gives an understanding of where Julia can be an effective tool.


Tutorial: Thermo-Calc (first part)

The software package Thermo-Calc has developed a lot since it was introduced over 40 years ago. This is an introduction to what Thermo-Calc can do today. In this hands-on tutorial Dr. Åke Jansson will also show how the actual calculations are performed, starting from a very basic level and moving on to more complex problems.


Tutorial: DAMASK (first part)

Dr. Xiaoqing Li and Dr. Tim Fischer demonstrates how the Düsseldorf Advanced Material Simulation Kit (DAMASK) provides a flexible, easy-to-use and open-source multiphysics extension of the crystal plasticity method.

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Last changed: Jun 08, 2023