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News and events


  • Vinnova visiting team
    Vinnova team on Sustainable Industry together with department staff
    Vinnova visiting department of production engineering
    26 May 2024

    Exclusive tour in the IPU labs and a sneak view of upcoming plans.

  • A symposium uniting engineering and medicine
    20 May 2024

    Hi, Andreas Archenti, you are involved in the Robotics in Biomedical Applications symposium here at campus in June. What kind of event is this?

  • Antonio Maffei on screen at conference
    Antonio Maffei, KTH, gave a presentation at the Higher School of Economic and Business, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.
    International seminar on sustainable business models in manufacturing
    16 Apr 2024

    KTH researcher Antonio Maffei was one of the keynote speakers at the II International scientific-practical conference “The Paradigm of sustainable economic development in the context of global change:...

  • Photo: Pexels.
    Photo: Pexels.
    Rent your wash – a new spin on laundry business models
    16 Jan 2024

    Ever wondered if you really need to own everything in your home? Well, the future might have us washing clothes without owning washing machines. Researchers at KTH are testing a business model, pay-pe...

  • Metallic surface with a machine tool working on the surface.
    Project to boost machinery components' life
    29 Nov 2023

    A new project aims to improve the lifetime of machine parts by utilizing advanced surface functionalization of components. Researcher Robert Tomkowski from the Department of Production Engineering is ...