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  • Vinnova visiting department of production engineering

    Vinnova visiting team
    Vinnova team on Sustainable Industry together with department staff
    Published May 26, 2024

    Exclusive tour in the IPU labs and a sneak view of upcoming plans.

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  • A symposium uniting engineering and medicine

    Published May 20, 2024

    Hi, Andreas Archenti, you are involved in the Robotics in Biomedical Applications symposium here at campus in June. What kind of event is this?

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  • International seminar on sustainable business models in manufacturing

    Antonio Maffei on screen at conference
    Antonio Maffei, KTH, gave a presentation at the Higher School of Economic and Business, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.
    Published Apr 16, 2024

    KTH researcher Antonio Maffei was one of the keynote speakers at the II International scientific-practical conference “The Paradigm of sustainable economic development in the context of global change:...

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  • Rent your wash – a new spin on laundry business models

    Photo: Pexels.
    Photo: Pexels.
    Published Jan 16, 2024

    Ever wondered if you really need to own everything in your home? Well, the future might have us washing clothes without owning washing machines. Researchers at KTH are testing a business model, pay-pe...

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  • Project to boost machinery components' life

    Metallic surface with a machine tool working on the surface.
    Published Nov 29, 2023

    A new project aims to improve the lifetime of machine parts by utilizing advanced surface functionalization of components. Researcher Robert Tomkowski from the Department of Production Engineering is ...

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  • Vinnova grant for a small project with great impact potential

    Truck in landscape
    Remanufacturing is one of the inner circles of the Circular Economy. It creates a balance between a high level of value recovery and acceptance of the second life products. Photo: Scania.
    Published Sep 28, 2023

    A feasibility study involving KTH, Scania and Scandinavian Transmission Service AB, kicked off in September 2023. The project will focus on integrating remanufactured gearboxes in the production line ...

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  • KTH Students Showcase Innovation and Collaboration at Euspen Challenge 2023

    Published Jul 05, 2023

    The Euspen Challenge 2023 provided a platform to explore the latest advancements in precision engineering fields. The event encompassed a wide range of topics, including metrology, ultra-precision mac...

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  • A race car project turns 20

    Group of students by a formula car in front of a brick building
    KTH Formula Student has a memorable track record in the Formula Student competitions since their participation began in 2004.
    Published Jun 12, 2023

    It’s just as cool as it sounds. KTH Formula Student is a project evolving around a race car. This year, the KTH Formula Student project turns 20, and it was thoroughly celebrated with a full-day event...

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  • A new ShiftLabs node is starting in Södertälje

    Map of Sweden with circles around the four node locations.
    ShiftLabs' four nodes are in Gothenburg, Skövde, Mälardalen and the Stockholm region.
    Published May 02, 2023

    Small and medium-sized businesses will receive help with digitalisation from KTH Leancentrum and Södertälje Science Park. As part of the innovation hub ShiftLabs, their mission is to provide companies...

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  • Visiting researcher from Poland

    Pawel Dunaj
    Published Apr 03, 2023

    Dr Paweł Dunaj is a visiting researcher at IPU for seven weeks. The internship is a start of establishing a long-term collaboration between his unit at the in Poland and KTH.

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  • An additive assembly of experts

    Prof. Sasan Dadbakhsh from IPU played a major role in organizing the event
    Published Feb 22, 2023

    KTH researchers organised a conference called ’The Swedish Arena for Additive Manufacturing of Metals’, an event that attracted around 55 people from the largest Swedish companies, institutions, and o...

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  • New project on digital solutions for value recovery in manufacturing

    Person in manufacturing
    Photo: This is engineering, Unsplash.
    Published Feb 07, 2023

    A four-year research project involving KTH and partners from 9 countries kicked-off in January 2023. The project will focus on the development of an open access platform for lifecycle information mana...

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  • Make some noise for the ICBM conference

    46 people
    46 participants from 11 countries met at the Ersta Diakoni conference centrum at Södermalm, with a stunning view of Stockholm.
    Published Oct 07, 2022

    After a year of preparations, the Department of Production Engineering (IPU) hosted the biannual conference “Barkhausen Noise and Micromagnetic Testing” (ICBM) taking place in the last days of Septemb...

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  • Public display of Ravi's Licentiate thesis at KTH Södertälje

    Ravi's Licentiate thesis
    Ravi Kalaiarasan displaying his Licentiate thesis.
    Published Oct 02, 2022

    Ravi Kalaiarasan put hisLicentiate thesis for public display at KTH Södertälje: "Supply chain visibility in the manufacturing industry: conditions and realisation".

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  • A toolbox for the 4th Industrial Revolution

    Tree resarchers in a lab
    Emmanuel Francalanza from University of Malta, Project manager for Icarus, explains and demonstrates the Mobile Training Unit which has been developed within the Icarus project.
    Published Sep 20, 2022

    Digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) etc, provide new opportunities for the manufacturing industry. But the industry often lacks skills and knowledge whe...

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  • Collaboration for industrial transformation

    Published Jun 22, 2022

    KTH President Sigbritt Karlsson and Scania CEO Christian Levin talks about the strategic partnership and how, in addition to strengthening the competitiveness and long-term goals of both parties, it c...

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  • KTH hosts doctoral school within the DimanD project

    researchers with skyline in the background
    Participants in the doctoral school within the project DimanD visiting Stockholm.
    Published Jun 20, 2022

    14 talented young researchers from across Europe participated in a doctoral school named “Challenge driven research for digital manufacturing” in mid June. The Department of Production Engineering arr...

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  • Lihui Wang curates international AI forum

    Image: Unsplash.
    Published Jun 07, 2022

    Professor Lihui Wang at the department of Production Engineering will curate a forum for AI and Manufacturing. In a series of webinars, high-profile researchers, practitioners, and politicians will sh...

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  • Adjustable visors with 4D printing method

    Visors in different sizes
    Researchers at KTH suggest a new post-processing method for visors, enabled by closed-loop controlled 4D printing that further can shape the printed visor to any size.
    Published May 17, 2022

    3D printed protective visors are often uncomfortable for the user. With a new printing method – closed loop controlled 4D printing – the visors can be shaped to any customized size to make them more c...

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  • Licentiate seminar on Lean programs at KTH Södertälje

    Lars Bengtsson and Sara Linderson
    Discussion between prof Lars Bengtsson and Sara Linderson. Photo: Emma Lindahl
    Published Feb 25, 2022

    On February 25, 2022, Sara Linderson presented her Licentiate thesis "Value-adding deployment of corporate lean programs in multinational production companies". This was the second licentiate seminar ...

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