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Micro and nanotechnology in a 100-year perspective

Published Dec 17, 2017

At the centennial anniversary of KTH’ campus, Professor Wouter van der Wijngaart gave a perspective talk on the field of Micro and Nanosystems.

Micro and nanosystems is the technology of small things. The technology makes it possible to construct components and systems in the order of magnitude from one millimetre down to nano level. These then appear in applications such as medical instruments and mobile technology, where it is absolutely crucial to build complex functions into a small space. The microscale provides better performance, and allows us to do things that would be impossible at macro level. Using less material also makes it more cost-effective. The presentation will link the history in this field with examples of current research in medical diagnostics and therapy, and provide an outlook for what might become possible in the coming decades. The talk can be watched here .

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