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TMH gets Honourable Mention at IVA 2021!

Published Oct 07, 2021

Speech2Properties2Gestures: Gesture-Property Prediction as a Tool for Generating Representational Gestures from Speech (Article No.7, Extended Abstract, Honorable Mention Extended Abstract)
Taras Kucherenko, Rajmund Nagy, Patrik Jonell, Michael Neff, Hedvig Kjellström and Gustav Eje Henter

We propose a new framework for gesture generation, aiming to allow data-driven approaches to produce more semantically rich gestures. Our approach first predicts whether to gesture, followed by a prediction of the gesture properties. Those properties are then used as conditioning for a modern probabilistic gesture-generation model capable of high-quality output. This empowers the approach to generate gestures that are both diverse and representational. Follow-ups and more information can be found on the project page: