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Speech, Music and Hearing (TMH)

Research at the Division of Speech, Music and Hearing (TMH) is truly multi-disciplinary including linguistics, phonetics, auditory perception, vision and experimental psychology. Rooted in an engineering modelling approach, our research forms a solid base for developing multimodal human-computer interaction systems in which speech, music, sound and gestures combine to create human-like communication.

Research Area

Latest Publications

Ekström, A. G. (2024). A Theory That Never Was: Wrong Way to the “Dawn of Speech”. Biolinguistics, 18.
Kaila, A.-K., Sturm, B. (2024). Agonistic Dialogue on the Value and Impact of AI Music Applications. In Proceedings of the 2024 International Conference on AI and Musical Creativity. Oxford, UK.
Iob, N. A., He, L., Ternström, S., Cai, H. & Brockmann-Bauser, M. (2024). Effects of Speech Characteristics on Electroglottographic and Instrumental Acoustic Voice Analysis Metrics in Women With Structural Dysphonia Before and After Treatment. Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research, 1-22.
Ternström, S. (2024). Pragmatic De-Noising of Electroglottographic Signals. Bioengineering, 11(5).
Cai, H., Ternström, S., Chaffanjon, P. & Henrich Bernardoni, N. (2024). Effects on Voice Quality of Thyroidectomy : A Qualitative and Quantitative Study Using Voice Maps. Journal of Voice.
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