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Graduate level courses, mathematics, 2023-2024

The "broad courses" are supposed to be accessible and meaningful for all graduate students, not only those working in the particular subject area.

The "reading courses" are courses without traditional lectures. There should still be some form of regular course meetings where for example the participants present material for each other.

If not otherwise stated the courses are for 7.5hp credits.

Fall 2023



FSF3674 Differential Geometry  (broad course)
Klaus Kröncke (KTH)

Quasiconformal maps in the plane

Alan Sola (SU), Fredrik Viklund (KTH)
D-Modules and holonomic functions  (period 2 only)
Anna-Laura Sattelberger (KTH)

Gaussian fields and random surfaces
analysis OR geometry/topology

Lukas Schoug (KTH)

Spring 2024


Algebraic stacks
algebra/combinatorics OR geometry/topology

David Rydh (KTH)

​​​​​​​Differential Topology ​​​​​​​

Greg Arone (SU)

Mathematical methods of quantum mechanics ​​​​​​​
analysis OR geometry/topology
Pavel Kurasov (SU)