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Student projects – services for online learning

The master students in the course Advanced Service Design got a special assignment from their teachers autumn 2020. The result: eight suggestions that really would improve online learning.

"Develop a learning service concept that supports equality, diversity, and lifelong learning and include online interaction". That was the task for the master students in the course Advanced Service Design, autumn 2020.

The final results are eight short videos that you can watch here. Enjoy!

KTH Equilibrium

Created by: Albin Hjerström, Karin Lagerkvist, Manul Dominik Uli Merz, Raquel Rodriques Pedroch and Victor Schröder.

Project Vero

Created by: Rodrigo Diaz Salvadores, Josefin Franzén, Aydar Gaynullin and Filippa Söderberg. 

KTH Studio

Created by: Fannie Gustavsson, Jacob Hansen, Isabella Mikkonen and Patrik Zheng. 


Created by: Rahim Adawi, Maja Askell, Daniel Gustavsson and Alice Nilstadius.

KTH Connect

Created by: Saria Azmeh, Ciaran Conway, Emelie Laurent, Johannes Prescott and Alexi Ramskog. 

The Study Co

Created by: Ebba Hedberg, Emma Bergman, Hanna Magnusson, Pablo Cordente Marti and Pierre Lindgren.

Even Playground

Created by: Márton Galbács, Mattias Hellberg, Dagmar van den Berg and Karl Oskar Emil Blom. 


Created by: Petter Elnerud, Lea Magnano, Maximilian Tallbom and Jonna Wester. 

Students design services for online learning

Since the covid-19 outbreak, online learning has become a tough reality for many students. “The lack of routines and technical problems with for example Zoom are also nuisances to the students”, says Magnus Eneberg, responsible for the course in Advanced Service Design, who gave his students an unusual task. 

About the projects

The videos are part of the course Advanced Service Design, in the master's program at Integrated Product Design, Industrial Design Engineering track. For the students in autumn 2020 one of the tasks was:

to develop a learning service concept that supports equality, diversity, and lifelong learning.”

The service concept was to include online interaction but could also be a combination of product and service, physical spaces, and other components we do not yet know. They were also asked to consider the whole context of students' everyday lives, including their study, work, and leisure time.

The client was The Department of Learning, School of Industrial Engineering and Management. The students interviewed adult students, made customer journey mappings, developed trigger material and concepts, and finally created these videos that communicate the concepts.

KTH Sustainability office and KTH Equality office supported financially through the call for education initiatives in Gender Equality and Sustainable development. 

About the course Advanced Service design

The course in Advanced Service design mainly takes its point of departure in problem-based learning. Course participants learn the basics of service design theories, principles, process and methods such as interview methodology, empirical analysis, synthesis, and trigger material production. Environmental, economic and social sustainability and how they can be applied in product-service systems are essential parts of the course.

Instruction consists of lectures, exercises, tutoring, literature studies and the project is carried out in teams in a service design project together with a client organization. At the end of the course, the student presents the service concept they developed in a short film.

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