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  • Smartwatches tell us how to design cities

    Graphic illustration: public transport, biometric data collected by user, IoT Device, autonomous vehicle and MERGEN analysis.
    Published May 20, 2020

    Smartwatches can be a low cost, effective tool in collecting data on how people are affected by different environments when planning and designing a c...

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  • Students show smart products during digital "Kexpo"

    Stefan Ståhlgren with his students
    Published May 13, 2020

    A vacuum cleaner that takes very little space, a harness for figure skaters and a ladder for stairs - these are some of the student projects at this y...

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  • Sensors improve life for amputees

    Fredrik Asplund and Dejiu Chen
    KTH researchers Fredrik Asplund and Dejiu Chen.
    Published Jan 15, 2020

    35 percent of the amputees reject prosthetics because they are too uncomfortable. By placing connected sensors in the prosthetic sockets, KTH will opt...

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  • Mechatronics & Embedded Systems HK 2019

    Published Dec 06, 2019

    All are warmly welcome to the Presentations and/or the Demos by our Mechatronics and Embedded Systems advanced course students.

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  • Competence center will make edge computing trustworthy

    Published Aug 28, 2019

    The accelerating digitalization and its growing amount of data puts internet under severe pressure. A new competence center, led by KTH, will work on ...

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  • Mobile in bed increases stress

    Ainhoa Martin Garcia and Agnes Comstedt, students at the Degree Programme in Design and Product Realisation, have mapped the connection between the use of smartphones and stress in their master's thesis. Photo: Anna Gullers
    Published Aug 27, 2019

    Having trouble putting your mobile phone down when in bed? You are not alone. However, our smartphone use in bed often increases stress and gives us s...

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  • New center for Edge computing

    Published Jul 17, 2019

    On 18 June, KTH and Martin Törngren got green light to start a new competence center for Edge computing.

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  • Successful summer school on Cyber Physical Systems

    Published Jun 17, 2019

    Participants from all over Europe came to KTH to learn more about and discuss Trustworthy Highly Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) at a summer s...

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  • “They say I talk before I think”

    On July 1, Martin Edin Grimheden takes over as Head of the Department of Machine Design.
    Published Jun 12, 2019

    On July 1, in the middle of the summer, Martin Edin Grimheden takes over as Head of the Department of Machine Design after Sofia Ritzén. We met with M...

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  • Auto2: Steps towards terrain automation

    Published Dec 14, 2018

    KTH Mechatronics together with Skogforsk, Komatsu, SLU, LTU, UMIT, Unibap AB, eXtractor AB, BAE Hägglunds, Skogsteknisk klustret, Sveaskog, SCA, Holme...

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  • Mechatronics & Embedded Systems Student Projects

    Published Dec 06, 2018

    In December each year, future engineers from KTH's Mechatronics and Embedded Systems Masters programmes showcase how they look at the future in the fo...

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  • Launching the KTH Transport Challenge!

    Published Feb 22, 2018

    We are lucky to have such a lovely campus, but it takes time to get from one end to the other. Many of us have lectures and meetings in different bui...

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  • Machine Design researchers have solved a serious train problem

    Published Oct 05, 2017

    Many train wagons equipped with a new type of brake blocks have had serious problems in winter traffic. There have been several media reports, for exa...

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  • 5th Scandinavian Conference on System & Software Safety

    Published Mar 15, 2017

    System and software safety in electronic systems is becoming increasingly central in many industries. The systems become ever more complex and the sof...

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  • Study: Why do trains slip and wear in winter?

    Published Feb 13, 2017
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  • KTH Machine Design in SVT on developing future vehicles

    Published Oct 05, 2016

    Right now there is a research project in progress on future climate-smart transportation between KTH and Botkyrka county. This means that selected uni...

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  • Using goals to support innovation

    Published Jun 27, 2016
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  • Teamwork brings solutions

    Published Jun 22, 2016
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  • Old cars can be environmentally friendly than new

    Published May 23, 2016

    Interview with Katja Gradin i SVT

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  • ConVENienT (Complete Vehicle Energy-saving Technologies)

    Published May 20, 2016

    COnVENient is an FP7 project funded by the European Commission. The project started in November 2012 and was accomplished in April 2016.

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