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  • Curbing threats from forest and grass fires

    Silhouettes of people in the dark watching a wildfire.
    Photo: Caleb Cook, Unsplash
    Published Feb 05, 2024

    Forest and grass fires have become increasingly common. The research project FIRE is working to reduce the threats posed by these fires and is analyzing complex societal changes caused by climate, ele...

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  • Project unites construction titans to revolutionize shared housing

    Woman pointing on a whiteboard while two others watch.
    During the workshop, participants discussed, among other things, regulatory changes to facilitate shared accommodation.
    Published Jan 10, 2024

    In a series of workshops, the Delbo project will bring together influential actors in the construction sector to open up more shared housing in Sweden.

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  • 11th Scandinavian Conference on System and Software Safety

    Published Dec 11, 2023

    60 participants, mainly from Swedish industry, gathered in Stockholm on 21-22 November for SCSSS 2023, co-organised by MMK's Fredrik Asplund.

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  • Challenge of living without a car

    A box bike in front of a bicycle garage, next to it several people are listening to speakers.
    Electrically powered cargo bikes were used by citizen scientists to replace cars. The picture is from a start-up event organised by the research project (Photo: Magnus Atterfors).
    Published Dec 04, 2023

    How hard can it be to live a car-free everyday life? Quite problematic if you have to juggle work and leisure activities. This was demonstrated when a number of households in southern Stockholm were c...

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  • In case you missed it: Cokitchen presented at SVID

    Published Nov 10, 2023

    Sara Ilstedt, KTH, presents results from the project Co-kitchen sustainable co-living for students. The project has focused on the shared kitchen and bathroom in collective housing. The kitchen is a c...

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  • Our Sara explores "home"

    Photo: Stockholms Akademiska Forum
    Published Nov 10, 2023

    As part of STOCKHOLM EXPLORATIVE TALKS 2023, Sara Ilstedt and fellow explorers ventured into the murky waters of academia's role in bridging perspectives and making our world, specifically in relation...

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  • Patent pending and Start-up from a Mechatronics Bachelors Thesis Project

    The bed bug device has been tested in a lab with a handful of bed bugs. [Photo: David Callahan]
    Published Nov 10, 2023

    The bedbug invasion has been big news recently! KTH students Maja Åstrand and Simon Lilja, who took the FiM course in Spring 2022, may have found a solution.

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  • Martin Sjöman doctoral defence!

    Published Nov 02, 2023

    ”Living the Change: Designerly modes of real-life experimentation” is the title of Martin Sjömans thesis. The defense took place 21st of September with Dan Lockton from Eindhofen University as oppone...

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  • DelBo looks for cracks in policy

    Published Nov 02, 2023

    A new project on shared housing where we take a big step towards concretization and creating capacity for development by addressing what hinders the construction of shared housing on a larger scale. I...

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  • KTH hosts the R&D Management Conference 2024

    Two men with conference batches around their necks
    Mats Magnusson and Mats Engwall arrange the conference in 2024.
    Published Oct 11, 2023

    A conference that can strengthen our ties across departments and disciplines at KTH and attract the cream of innovation management. Next year, KTH will host the R&D Management Conference, Europe's pre...

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  • New master’s programme for mechatronics

    Two men looking at car prototype and a computer screen.
    The subject Mechatronics will have its own master's programme from 2024.
    Published Sep 20, 2023

    A new master's programme will soon see the light of day at KTH. With digitalization, mechatronics forms the basis for an increasing part of the technology areas in society. The master's program in mec...

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  • CoKitchen final seminar

    Published Mar 08, 2023

    We wrapped up the CoKitchen project with a public seminar held at KTH with presentations from the project participants and a panel discussion about the future of housing with experts from across the s...

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  • Nanoparticles in emissions on researcher’s radar

    Published Jan 05, 2023

    Nanoparticles are everywhere, but we don't know how many or how toxic they are to humans and nature. The nPETS project involves researchers from all over Europe who visit road tunnels and airports to ...

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  • Impact on biodiversity often neglected in autonomous vehicle research

    Description of the explored dimensions and the three scenarios.
    Description of the explored dimensions and the three scenarios.
    Published Nov 28, 2022

    The impact on important issues such as biodiversity and cybersecurity are often neglected in autonomous vehicle research frameworks, according to a new ITRL study.

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  • Could public transport be an alternative to electric scooters?

    A parked electric scooter from Voi.
    Photo: Paul Volkmer/Pexels
    Published Sep 21, 2022

    ITRL launches a new project with Voi and Västtrafik to investigate how and if public transport could be a realistic alternative to e-scooters.

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  • Open House 2022

    Lin Zhao presenting in front of a crowd.
    Lin Zhao presented the RCV and the traffic control tower.
    Published Sep 16, 2022

    On September 8th ITRL welcomed over 70 guests to our first open house since the pandemic!

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  • IV2022 Best Student Paper Awards

    Published Jun 16, 2022

    Focusing on safety in the field of autonomous driving: "Foresee the Unseen: Sequential Reasoning about Hidden Obstacles for Safe Driving" and "Uncertainty Aware Data Driven Precautionary Safety for A...

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  • Meet ITRL’s new vice-director

    Published May 30, 2022

    This month we welcome our new vice-director! Jens Hagman is joining the team to further develop ITRL 2.0.

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  • Driving the shift – Long-term partnerships for sustainable innovation

    Group photo
    Representatives from KTH and Scania gathered outside for a quick group photo before the event.
    Published May 13, 2022

    ITRL is a center located in the heart of the KTH campus in Stockholm. The center studies the sustainability transformation of the transportation system in the light of automation, digitalization, conn...

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  • Research from ITRL on IVA’s 100-list

    Group photo of Frank Jiang, Elisa Bin, and Mustafa Al-Janabi.
    Elisa Bin, Frank Jiang and Mustafa Al-Janabi, founders of ABConnect.
    Published May 12, 2022

    The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) recently presented its 100-list with research projects that are expected to contribute to society and business. One of the people included is Fr...

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