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Professor Martin Törngren in SVT news show Gomorron Sverige

Published Sep 28, 2015

Under the title "Självkörande bilar snart i en bilkö nära dig" professor Martin Törngren, KTH Machine Design, division Mechatronics, is being interviewed about the future techology of cars.

Already in the current situation there are techniques with limited self-operation, such as when the car brakes for an obstacle on the road or can stay in the correct lane. Now a close cooperation between KTH, Ericsson and Scania has been formed to reach even further on this topic. The collaboration is called Connected Mobility Arena and means, in broad terms, that the objective is for cars to be able to "talk" to each other and the infrastructure. KTH also cooperates with Volvo Car in another project. The purpose is to make travelling by car safer and to achieve a more efficient transportation. For the complete interview, please use the following link: Självkörande bilar snart i en bilkö nära dig (please note that the interview is in Swedish only!).