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Swedish studies boosts career

Published May 29, 2015

The interest in learning Swedish among foreign students has increased. Last year there were 230 participants in the KTH Swedish course, which is available in four levels. This year Eva Lövstedt Panova, teacher in KTH's Swedish course, believes that there will be over 300 participants.

Swedish studies increases the chance of getting a job in Sweden and Eva is surprised that institutions and departments not offer their students this possibility on a regular basis. 

Full article in Campi (KTH's staff news): Studier i svenska lyfter karriären  (Please note that article is in Swedish only!).

Didem Gürdür (2nd from the left) and Mahmood Khabbazi (closest to the camera) from KTH Machine Design listens intensely to their teacher (Photo: Marc Femenia).