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Higher Seminar Spring 2024

The Higher Seminar is the colloquium series of the Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment at KTH. Invited guests as well as our own researchers presents seminar on themes from our core areas of history.

Division of History of Science, Technology and Environment, KTH
Colloquia are held in the seminar room at the Division (Teknikringen 74 D, level 5)
if nothing else is noted.

29 January 13.15-14.45
Book manuscript: Who are the Humanoids? A history about the deep ocean through Time, Space and Scale'
Tirza Meyer

5 February 13.15-14.45
Between overlooking and municipal take-over: Exploring local governance of grassroots initiatives.
Karin Bradley & Martin Emanuel, KTH URS

19 February 13.15-15.00
Mid-seminar: Computing Trees
Erik Ljungberg
Opponent: Francis Lee, Chalmers

26 February 13.15-14.45
Inventing 'scientific creativity'. How the concept of creativity reshaped conceptions of natural science, 1950–2001
Annelie Drakman, Stockholm University

11 March 13.15-14.45
Invisible Presence in Visible Absence: aestheticized representations of radioactivity and cultural expectations on nuclear power
Fannie Frederikke Baden, Lunds University

18 March 13.15-15.00
Mid-seminar: Swedish friluftsliv in an intersectional perspective: gender, class and ethnicity in the histories of recreational planning in Sweden, 1890-1980
Liuba Timonina
 Emma Pihl Skoog, Södertörn University

22 March 14.00
Dissertation: The Nuclear Waters of the Soviet Union. Hydro-engineering and Technocratic Culture in the Nuclear Industry
Achim Klüppelberg
Opponent: Melanie Arndt, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität

25 March 13.15-14.45
Ragnar Holm-föreläsning: "Längdskidåkningens teknikhistoria - Nostalgi och framstegstanke, 1880-1950"
Isak Lidström, Ragnar Holm post doc

8 April 13.15-14:45
Philosophy of biology in the early twentieth century: Cases from plant biology
Özlem Yilmaz Silverman, University of Exeter

15 April 13.15-14.45
Charting Vision: Sea Charts as Computational Graphics
Bernard Geoghegan, Gothenburg University

22 April 13.15-14.45
Book manuscript: Ecopoetic Breathing in South American and Iberian Atmospheres
Nuno da Silva

3 May 13.00
Dissertation: Streams, Steams, and Steels: A Transnational History of Risk Regulation in Nuclear Power Plants
Siegfried Evens
Opponent: Scott Knowles

6 May 13.15-14.45
Title TBC
Scott Knowles, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)

27 May 13.15-14.45
"Linnaeus in Lapland: Generating Knowledge in Transit"
Staffan Müller-Wille & Elena Isayev, Cambridge/Exeter

5 June Time 13:00
Dissertation: Ideas and politics of development in northern Canada since 1945
Jean-Sebastien Boutet
Opponent: Liza Piper

10 June 13.15-14.45
A Slow Form of Governance? Collegial Organization and Temporal Synchronization in the Context of Swedish University Reforms
Hampus Östh Gustafsson, Uppsala University

11 June 10.00
Dissertation: The Nuclear: Conflict and Cooperation in a Transnational River Basin
Alicia Gutting
Opponent: Jan-Henrik Meyer, Max Planck Institute for Legal History and Legal Theory

14 June 13.00-15.00
Final seminar
Domingos Langa
Opponent: Birgitte Bregersen, Aalborg University Business School, Denmark