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Brown Bag Seminar: Henrik Ernstson and Gianfranco Selgas - Archives of the Planetary Mine: Excavating Political Ecologies of Nature Extraction and Energy Consumption in the Global South

Welcome to a lunch seminar with Henrik Ernstson and Gianfranco Selgas. Their talk will present the project Archives of the Planetary Mine, that focuses on the major mineral extraction happening now in the Global South, exploring through critical perspetives the dillemmas such extravism poses on humans and non-humans. The talk is followed by a conversation with the audience.

Time: Fri 2023-10-06 12.30 - 13.30

Location: Big seminar room, Teknikringen 74D (floor 5)

Language: English

Participating: Henrik Ernstson and Gianfranco Selgas

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In this seminar, Ernstson and Selgas will present the project Archives of the Planetary Mine. This collaborative project brings together researchers and scholars to critically address the current geohistorical magnitude of energy consumption and the radical politics and territorial and social configurations around mineral resource extraction in the global South. From the outlook of the environmental humanities, human geography, and political ecology, Archives of the Planetary Mine explores the global South as a geographical region enrolled as a worldwide provider, consumer, and driver of nature and energy commodities, and as a location of experience and resistance organized in relation to, and beyond, capitalist extraction. The notion of the archive is redressed here as a record, under different praxis and material formats, of the dilemmas extractivism poses on human and extra-human communities and the environment. Their project, in which they serve as editors, has been accepted as a Special Issue in Geoforum with expected publication in 2024.

Vegan sandwiches are served for everyone that register! 

NB! notice time is 12.30-13.30, and not 12.00-13.00 as our usual time for our EHL's Brown Bag Seminars.

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Deadline for sandwich: 2 October