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Published Nov 04, 2022

KTH Protein Factory is KTH's local node of Protein Production Sweden (PPS), a national distributed research infrastructure established with funding from the Swedish Research Council in 2022, focused on production and purification of protein reagents on-demand.

PPS logo.

The aim of PPS is to serve Swedish researchers in academia as well as industry. The infrastructure is comprised of four geographical nodes in Gothenburg, Lund, Stockholm and Umeå; located at the University of Gothenburg (host university), Lund University, Karolinska Institutet, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and Umeå University. PPS offers services within all steps of protein production and purification and the ordered proteins can be produced in six different expression systems (E. coli, P. pastoris, insect cells (BEVS), plant cells, mammalian cells and cell free expression). The local node of PPS at KTH (KTH Protein Factory) is focusing on protein production in mammalian cells.

For more information about PPS’ services and the participating nodes, or to apply for project support, please visit

Please feel free to also contact the head of KTH Protein Factory: Hanna Tegel ( ).

Flowchart of the protein production process at KTH.
Flowchart of the protein production process at KTH.