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Point of care systems

To overcome limitations for wide application of clinical microarrays, such as high cost of assays need for skilled technicians, need for advanced equipment and long assay times, our lab has developed two novel assay formats that allow for rapid, inexpensive, portable and easy to use microarray analysis.

1) Affinity-labeled superparamagnetic microparticles are actuated by magnetic fields to provide a detection technology which within seconds allows for a naked-eye or cell-phone camera analysis of microarray results with retained assay performance.

2) A paper-based substrate is used to create a lateral flow microarray assay which, together with affinity labeled gold nanoparticles allows for convenient ten-minute high density microarray assays and naked-eye or cell phone camera analysis. We hope that developments made by our group and others will be useful in translating the impressive advancement in lab-based diagnostic methods into integrated low-cost diagnostic devices amenable for field use, point of care, health care points and emergency medicine situations.