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Anders Bergström (b. 1965) is Associate Professor in History and Theory of Architecture since 2008 at the KTH School of Architecture and the Built Environment, as well as being group manager for research staff at the Department of Architecture since 2015. Originally educated as an architect, he holds a PhD in History of Architecture (KTH 2001), and a Diploma in Architectural Conservation from the Royal Institute of Art (KKH 2004). Since 2008, he has been course responsible for mandatory courses in history and theory, such as "Introduction to European Architecture" and "The Image of Swedish Architecture", and taught elective courses in different areas, such as "The Archive of Stockholm Public Library" and "Educating Architects" .

His research is focused on relationships between architecture and the humanities, ranging from studies of individual actors and public projects, to professional strategies, heritage practices and national historiographies. He was responsible for the sub area, "Architects in Formation", within the national research environment Architecture in Effect, directed by Professor Katja Grillner and funded by Formas 2011–2018, resulting in conference papers, peer-review articles and book chapters. Recent publications include a co-edited volume on the former building for the KTH School of Architecture (2020).

He is currently completing a book on the Stockholm Public Library, as a final result of a project funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond. This project has recently evolved into an on-going collaboration with Dr. Patrick H. Fleming, ETH Zürich, who is directing a project on recovering the historical construction of the library with Professor Laurent Stalder as collaborator, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. Other current projects include the German Congregation in Stockholm Old Town, funded by Berit Wallenbergs stiftelse, and an anthology on architectural criticism by Eva von Zweigbergk in the 1960s. He is also co-supervising three doctoral students, with topics ranging from architectural education to conservation and museum transformation.

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History and Theory of Architecture 1: Introduction to European Architecture (A11HIB), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Seminar Course, Advanced Level 4HT (A42SEH), teacher | Course web

Seminar Course, Advanced Level 4VT (A42SEV), teacher | Course web

Seminar Course, Advanced Level 5HT (A52SEH), teacher | Course web

Seminar Course, Advanced Level 5VT (A52SEV), teacher | Course web

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