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Amirmohammad Behzadi

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About me

Amir is a Doctoral researcher at the Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering, Fluid and Climate Technology group. He is currently investigating the smart design and control of thermal energy storage interacting with low-temperature heating and high-temperature cooling systems funded by the Swedish Energy Agency. In 2023, he was honored to be in the World's Top 2% Scientists for the second consecutive year, published by Stanford University and Elsevier. Before starting his Doctoral position, he was a Research Assistant at the Smart Thermal Energy Systems Laboratory at the Department of Energy of Aalborg University. As a Research Assistant at Aalborg University in Denmark, he was involved in the OffG-ReneCS project, which was developing and demonstrating an Off-grid standalone renewable-based cold storage for agricultural use in India. Also, he worked on another project entitled "Smart electricity-heat Neighbors via Integration of heat storage and Solar PVT Panels" in Denmark. Before joining Aalborg, he obtained my M.Sc. in Energy Conversion at the School of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Tehran. Throughout his master's studies at the University of Tehran, he continued his research on renewable-based energy supply systems, gaining expertise in thermodynamic modeling and optimizing various thermal energy systems. He was awarded as the best researcher among all master's graduate students at the University of Tehran at the 28th Research Festival, Tehran, Iran. He received my B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Razi University. He was the top student in the mechanical engineering department for all 4 years and ranked 1st amongst 50 graduates.


Fluid Mechanics (HS1007), teacher | Course web