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Abolhasan Ameri

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About me

I have graduated from PhD in Chemical Engineering from Shiraz University in 2017. My dissertation was about ''Investigation of the effect of smart water on the asphaltene precipitation in the oil reservoirs''. I have been working as an Assistant Professor in the Chemical Engineering Department in Azad University, Shiraz Branch since 2015. I have experience of teaching different courses of Chemical Engineering like Unit Operations 1 & 2, Heat Transfer, Plant Design and Economics, petrochemical processes and so on. I had various projects on the effect of nanoparticles for inhibition of asphaltene precipitation, effect of nanoparticles for enhancement of solar still yields for fresh water production, modeling the solubility of various compounds in supercritical CO2, and publishing review papers on the adsorption of heavy metals from wastewater. I have published about 25 papers in ISI journals.

My research interests are mainly in the fields of oil and gas reservoirs, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), renewable energies, nanotechnology and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

I am currently working as a postdoc fellowship on the carbon capture project. The main aim is to measure different properties of the potassium carbonate as a solvent in process of CO2 absorption and propose a model to predict the solvent loading using measuring  various physical properties such as pH, density, refractive index and conductivity. Reduction of CO2 emission into atmosphere as one of the main greenhouse gases is crucial and the main goal in Sweden to prevent warming up the climate anymore. As a result, separation of CO2 from combustion gases from different plants is a necessity.

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