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Anna-Kaisa Kaila

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Om mig

I am a musicologist (MA) and an economist (M. Sc. Econ.) specialised in the study of arts, communications and intellectual property.

Currently, I am exploring in socio-political effects of technology on creative and cultural sectors, the ethics and aesthetics of creative-AI, copyright applied to art, and the shifting narratives of creativity.

My interdisciplinary PhD project focuses on artificial intelligence and its unfolding social, ethical and legal implications on artist communities. In this project, I have developed tools for ethical analysis (EASE) to be used in the development of music AI applications, engaged with artists that use AI in their creative work, and provided critical analyses of generative AI music tools and artworks from the perspective of humanist and social sciences, and legal studies. The project is a part of the Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program – Humanities and Society.

I supervise Bachelor and Masters thesis projects on topics related to creative-AI, (AI-)music, arts and media, and AI ethics. For examples of projects, see here, or get in touch about your own idea!

Previously, I have researched topics at the crossroads of music semiotics and music psychology, studying music listeners' visual imagery and experienced musical meanings. I have also worked extensively in artist advocacy, cultural diplomacy, and music copyright management in the USA and in Germany.


Examensarbete inom medieteknik, grundnivå (DM128X), lärare | Kurswebb

Mänsklig perception för informationsteknik (DM2350), lärare | Kurswebb