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Ann Häger Nerdell

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About me

I works as a Study Counselor at the CBH School of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health

The programs that I administer are Medical Technology at the levels Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Master of Science in Engineering, Master's.

Contact the Study Counselor if you want a counseling interview or discuss your study situation.

I follow up your study results and inform about rules and routines.

Booked calls

The easiest way to book an appointment is via e-mail or telephone

The conversations can, for example, be about

- General information about the study situation

- Study habits and study techniques

- Study planning, individual study plan at master's level

- Motivation

- Identification of needs, interests, conditions and goals

- course choice and choice of master's program

- Study breaks / study breaks at bachelor level

- Return to studies after study breaks or exchange studies

- The content of the education

- Application for credit for a course within the candidate block.

The most common is that the call takes 30-45 minutes. In order for you to get the most out of the conversation, feel free to talk about what you want to bring up when you book an appointment. Study counselors observe a duty of confidentiality in matters concerning an individual student.

Profile picture of Ann Häger Nerdell