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Aws Al-Zarqawee

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About me

 Aws Jaber is a Postdoctoral Researcher working under the esteemed supervision of Professor Pontus Johnson. His professional expertise lies in the fields of cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, which are crucial for any individual aspiring to excel in the tech industry.

Also, Aws Jaber is a Project Manager for the  AINCEPTION EDF Project , whose primary objective is to develop innovative AI-based tools and techniques for detecting and responding to various security threats. These tools will cover a wide range of activities such as identifying malicious behavior from network traffic and logs, comprehending and contextualizing the identified threat, generating risk and impact-aware response action, and automating the execution and evaluation of the response action on the underlying infrastructure . The entire AInception tool pipeline will rely heavily on AI to accomplish all these steps. The project will culminate in a proof-of-concept end-to-end detection and response prototype, which will be tested in operational scenarios with end-users representing Sweden. Aws Jaber is collaborating with Prof. Rolf Stadler , the Project Leader, on this initiative.