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Böcker: Produktionsutveckling (studentlitteratur) & Production Development (Springer)

Production development is about improving existing production systems and developing new ones. The production system should be developed in integration with the product, as a part of the overall product realization process, and not in sequence after the product has already been designed. Production Development: Design and Operation of Production Systems takes a holistic viewpoint on the production system and its design process during the whole system life cycle. A working procedure demonstrating how to design and realize the production system is presented, together with a number of related production development aspects.

Production Development: Design and Operation of Production Systems is illustrated with a large number of figures and industrial examples. The book can be used as a reference for teachers and students, or as a manual for professionals within the field of production.

Produktionsutveckling - 9789144033600 | Studentlitteratur

Production Development - Design and Operation of Production Systems | Monica Bellgran | Springer 

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