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Publications by Brady Burroughs



M. Schalk et al., "Fatale : Critical Studies in Architecture," Nordic - Journal of Architecture, vol. 2, pp. 90-97, 2012.

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B. Burroughs, "Architectural Flirtations, formerly known as critique : Dethroning the serious to clear ground for generous architectural conversations," in Feminist Futures of Spatial Practice : Materialisms, Activisms, Dialogues, Pedagogies, Projections, Meike Schalk, Thérèse Kristiansson and Ramia Mazé Ed., Baunach, Germany : AADR-Art Architecture Design Research, 2017, pp. 225-237.

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B. Burroughs et al., "Between Delft and Stockholm," Footprint, vol. 11, no. 2, pp. 119-128, 2017.


B. Burroughs, A. De Smet and M. Godts, "HORIZONTAL ACT," in Scaffolds: Open Encounters with Society, Art & Architecture, International Symposium Brussels, 2018.
B. Burroughs, "Architects in Formation : Architectural Flirtations," in Making Effect Symposium- Research in Architecture, 2017.
B. Burroughs, "Telling Storeys : Flirting with room specifications as a critical fictional-factual document," in AHRA Conference, Architecture & Feminisms, KTH, 2016.
B. Burroughs, "Architectural Flirtations, formerly known as critique," in SRE symposium OTM: Architects in Formation, KTH, 2015.
B. Burroughs, "Architectural Flirtations, formerly known as critique," in Transvaluation Symposium- Chalmers, Gothenburg, 2015.
B. Burroughs, "The Architecture of Flirting with Death," in SRE symposium OTM: Critical Projections, KTH, 2015.
B. Burroughs, "I hate architecture <3," in SRE Projects Symposium- Chalmers, Gothenburg, 2014.
B. Burroughs, "Renovating Rossi : stories of anticipation in close encounters of the (un)desirable kind," in 2nd International Conference on Architecture and Fiction- WRITINGPLACE, TU Delft, 2013.
B. Burroughs, "Vanity (Fair), conflict, dreams and drama on an ordinary day at The Beastlet : on the possibilities of dissidence in critical pedagogies," in AHRA Conference- Architecture and The Paradox of Dissidence, London Metropolitan University, UK, 2012.
K. Grillner et al., "Incompatible Modalities Salon," in Whirlwinds session at the Sexuate Subjects Conference, University College London, Dec 3rd 2010, 2010.

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B. Burroughs, "A Conversation : Round Table Between The Three Authors of Architectural Flirtations: A Love Storey," in Between The Fiction And Me : Umwelten of artists and architects, Annelies De Smet, Isolde Vanhee, Esther Venrooij Ed., Ghent, Belgium : Graphische Cel, LUCA School of Arts, 2018, pp. 225-253.
B. Burroughs, "Reconstructing a Collective Critical Fiction : Acts of Pedagogical Stewardship," in After Effects : Theories and Methodologies in Architectural Research, Hélène Frichot, Gunnar Sandin and Bettina Schwalm Ed., New York and Barcelona : ACTAR, 2018.


B. Burroughs, "Architectural Flirtations : A Love Storey," Doctoral thesis Stockholm : Arkitektur- och designcentrum, TRITA-ARK. Akademisk avhandling, 2016:2, 2016.


B. Burroughs, "Ahmed for Architecture Students," Stockholm : KTH Royal Institute of Technology, 2019.

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"KTHA #1," Stockholm, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, 2010.
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