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Hjalmar Brismar

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My research is in the interface between physics and biology, aiming to describe how fundamental physical principles act in cell biology. More specifically, I focus on describing the energy landscape of the living cell and how proteins are organized to generate the integrated physiological functions and all the diversity that we can see in the living organism. For those studies my research group is also active in the development of new microscopy techniques, both in super-resolution and in hyperfast volume imaging.

My research group is located at Science for Life Laboratory where we also operate the national infrastructure for super-resolution microscopy. We also coordinate the national microscopy infrastructure (NMI) and the Swedish node in EurobioImaging.

The group has a cross-disciplinary profile with members from both KTH and Karolinska Institutet. In the laboratory we combine experimental approaches based on advanced light microscopy with cell and molecular biology.

Short CV

1991        CivIng, Engineering Physics, KTH
1996        PhD, Engineering Physics, KTH
1996        Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Biomedical Imaging Laboratory, Harvard University
1997-02   Assistant professor, Dept of Women’s and Children’s Health, Karolinska Institutet
2002        Docent in Experimental Pediatrics, KI
2003-12   Guest Professor, Dept of Women’s and Children’s Health, KI
2003-       Professor of Exp. Biological Physics, Dept of Applied Physics, KTH
2010-       Director for Cellular and Molecular Imaging Platform, Science for Life Laboratory 

Supervised 15 PhDs, 8 Lic, and 36 M.Sc thesis. 
Supervised 14 postdocs. 

Awards and distinctions
2010      elected member of Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences, (IVA)
2009-     member of the National committee for Molecular Biosciences, KVA (chair 2012-2017)
2007      SDA distinguished paper award
2002      Sven och Ebba-Christina Hagbergs prize in medicine


Basic Modeling in Biotechnology (SI1410), course responsible | Course web

Biomedicine for Engineers (FSK3532), examiner, course responsible | Course web

Cellular Biophysics (SK2535), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Degree Project in Applied Physics, Second Cycle (SK202X), examiner | Course web

New Super-resolution, Light-sheet, STED-FCS and FRET-FCS methods at Scilifelab (FSK3533), examiner, course responsible | Course web