Grundläggande modellering inom bioteknologi

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Welcome to Basic Modeling in Biotechnology

This new class aims at giving the basis to create and solve simple models of biological phenomena. It is part of an effort to enhance your quantitative thinking about biological questions. The general plan is to:

  1. Create simple models of the biological process of interest, i.e. translate the problems into mathematical formulation
  2. Solve these models, analytically using pen and paper and/or Maple code and numerically using Matlab.
  3. Visualize the solutions graphically, vary model parameters to visualize their effect.
  4. Analyze and discuss the outcomes of the model, and propose solutions to improve it.

We will cover several sections of the course book, which can be found in PDF format at the KTH library or in paper format by ordering online: Ronald W. Shonkwiler, James Herod: Mathematical Biology: An Introduction with Maple and Matlab.

The sections that will be covered are listed in the Course Outline section. Some of the chapters are long and all of the material will not be covered in class. Specifically, the details of the biological phenomena studied will not be covered. In class, we will primarily focus on defining the models and solving them. Please refer to the Course Outline to know which sections of the book to read before the lecture.

Since this is a new classes, the course plan may change along the study period and you are encouraged to check in periodically for updates. 

You will be required to finish all of the computer labs and you will hand in reports for two of them (the 4th and the 9th labs), which will be graded (Refer to the Computer Labs section for details). Your global understanding or the class will be evaluated by a final written exam on several of the topics covered in class and labs (A, B, C, D, E, FX, F; 3 hp).


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