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Cali Nuur

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About me

Cali Nuur is full professor of Industrial Dynamics at the department of industrial economics and management  His research - mainly underpinned by innovation theory- is on industrial and technological transformation processes and the mechanisms that underlie these. In recent years, as a consequence of the discussions on climate change mitigations, his research focuses on analyzing industrial and technological transformations relating to sustainability with studies  on eco-innovations, climate change mitigation strategies and transition towards sustainable technologies.

Cali is currently the head of department of industrial economics and management (INDEK), the school of engineering and management@the Royal Institutute of Technology, KTH, Sweden

You can download our annual report (2023) here:!/INDEK_2022_Yearbook.pdf


Degree Project in Industrial Economics and Management, Second Cycle (ME200X), teacher | Course web

Energy Business (ME2087), examiner, course responsible | Course web

Hydropower- Technology, Economy, Sustainability (ME2083), examiner, teacher, course responsible | Course web

Profile picture of Cali Nuur


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