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Publications by Cali Nuur

Peer reviewed


P. K. Hajoary, V. Ramani and C. Nuur, "New for Some, Old for Others : Circular Economy Practices in Ancient Time," Circular Economy and Sustainability, 2023.
A. Chizarfard, C. Nuur and P. Trucco, "Managing Structural Tensions in the Transition to the Circular Economy: the Case of Electric Vehicle Batteries," Circular Economy and Sustainability, 2022.
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C. Nuur, L. Gustavsson and S. Laestadius, "Promoting regional innovation systems in a global context," Industry and Innovation, vol. 16, no. 1, pp. 123-139, 2009.
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Conference papers

A. Maffei, E. Boffa and C. Nuur, "An Ontological Framework for the Analysis of Constructively Aligned Educational Units," in ADVANCES IN MANUFACTURING II, VOL 3 - QUALITY ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT, 2019, pp. 185-193.
A. Maffei, C. Nuur and P. Johansson, "Are we teaching engineering ethics in the right way? : Evidence from a student survey," in 13TH INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY, EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT CONFERENCE (INTED2019), 2019, pp. 9854-9854.
A. Maffei, S. Grahn and C. Nuur, "Characterization of the impact of digitalization on the adoption of sustainable business models in manufacturing," in Proceedings 52nd CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems (CMS), 2019, pp. 765-770.
C. Nuur, "Competence Development And Knowledge Formation In Natural Resource Industries In Peripheral Regions," in 12TH INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY, EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT CONFERENCE (INTED), 2018, pp. 8163-8164.
M. Novotny and C. Nuur, "Industrial Renewal in Peripheral Regions in Old Industrialised Nations; Case of Cascading Innovations in the Pulp and Paper Industries," in Regional Studies association, global conference: Regional Governance, Industrial Restructuring and Sustainable Development, 2018.
P. Johansson, V. Martin and N. Cali, "The transition towards solar power; business as usual or a new role for incumbent grid operators?," in 9th International Sustainability Transitions Conference, Manchester, UK, 2018.
C. Nuur, "Triple Helix and Regional Universities; Does One Size Fit All?," in 11TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF EDUCATION, RESEARCH AND INNOVATION (ICERI2018), 2018, pp. 1705-1705.
E. Hetemi et al., "Exploring mechanisms underlying lock-in in large infrastructure projects : A management perspective," in CENTERIS 2017 - International Conference on ENTERprise Information Systems / ProjMAN 2017 - International Conference on Project MANagement / HCist 2017 - International Conference on Health and Social Care Information Systems and Technologies, CENTERIS/ProjMAN/HCist 2017, 2017, pp. 681-691.
E. Karakaya, L. Assbring and C. Nuur, "Exploring sustainability transitions in the iron and steel industry : A case study from Sweden," in The 8th International Sustainability Transitions Conference, 18 - 21 June, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2017.
C. Nuur, "Exporting higher education from old industrialized nations to developing countries; who benefits?," in INTED2017 : 11TH INTERNATIONAL TECHNOLOGY, EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT CONFERENCE, 2017, pp. 2080-2080.
M. Novotny and C. Nuur, "The transition towards the bio-economy in old industrialised nations; a revival of the periphery?," in 8th International scientific conference on regional development, 2017.
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E. Karakaya, C. Nuur and A. Hidalgo, "Business Model Challenge : Learnings from a Local Solar Company in Germany," in Ist European Doctorate in Industrial Management conference, 2014, p. 23.
Y. Lapko et al., "Implications for Collaborative Development of Reverse Distribution Network: A System Perspective," in Implications for Collaborative Development of Reverse Distribution Network : A System Perspective, 2014, pp. 351-357.
E. Karakaya et al., "Spatial Dimension of Lead Markets : Evidences from Diffusion of Photovoltaic Systems in Germany," in DRUID Society Conference 2014, CBS; Copenhagen, Denmark, June 16-18, 2014, 2014.
Y. Sabri, G. J.L. Micheli and C. Nuur, "Supply chain configuration, effectiveness and efficiency : Looking for the best fit," in Ist Annual EDIM conference, 2014.
E. Karakaya, A. Hidalgo and C. Nuur, "Diffusion of eco-innovations : Exploring the literature," in IAMOT2013 Proceedings, 2013.
F. Levihn, C. Nuur and S. Laestadius, "Marginal Abatement Cost Curves (MACC) : The need for an evolutionary approach," in IAMOT2013 Proceedings, 2013.
E. Karakaya, C. Nuur and A. Hidalgo, "Modelling the Diffusion of Photovoltaic : Concepts and Applications," in IAMOT2013 Proceedings, 2013.
C. Nuur and S. Laestadius, "Natural resources and old industrialized nations : Is there a regional dimension to the resource curse?," in The 8th conference of the EURS conference, 2010.
A. Hallin and C. Nuur, "Take to the City? Where?," in Sustainable Cities and Regions: Enabling Vision or Empty Talk?, Örebro, Sweden, March 11-13 2009, 2009.
L. Gustavsson, S. Laestadius and C. Nuur, "Aligning Triple Helix Framework with Regional Innovation Systems : insights and challenges from Swedish policy practice," in 6th Biennial International Conference on University, Industry & Government Linkages- Singapore 16-18 May 2007, 2007.
C. Nuur, L. Gustafsson and S. Laestadius, "The role of regional innovation systems The cases of Robotdalen and Triple Steelix," in 10th Uddevalla symposium, 2007.
E. Ekstedt and C. Nuur, "Call centre cluster- a knowledge paradox," in 15th RIDWL congress held in Durban South Africa, February 2001, 2004.
C. Nuur, "An Exploratory Case Study of Call Centers Firms in Ljusdal," in The Third International Congress of the Work & Labour Network "Labour, Globalisation and The New Economy", 2002.

Chapters in books

V. Prokop, J. Stejskal and C. Nuur, "Do Environmental Regulations Stimulate Firms’ R&D, Product Innovation, or Environmental Awareness? Putting Porter’s Hypothesis in the Context of Central and Eastern European Countries," in Business Models for the Circular Economy: A European Perspective, : Springer Publishing Company, 2022, pp. 241-269.
C. Nuur, L. Assbring and S. Laestadius, "Capability creation in the natural resource-based sector: experiences from Swedish mining," in Learning and Innovation in Natural Resource Based Industries, : Routledge, 2019.
L. Gustavsson, C. Nuur and S. Laestadius, "Between the regional and the global: regional innovation systems policy and industrial knowledge formation," in Innovation Governance in an open Economy : Shaping Regional Nodes in a Globalized world, Rickne, A, Laestadius, S and Etzkowitz Ed., 2012.
L. Gustafsson, S. Laestadius and C. Nuur, "Policy Induced Regional Interactions in Enhancing Global Industrial Competitiveness," in Economic Geography of Globalization, Piotr Pachura Ed., : INTECH, 2011, pp. 83-98.

Non-peer reviewed

Conference papers

D. Berlin et al., "Supply chain collaboration in circular supply chains : The example of Swedish steel recycling," in Operations adding value to society, 2019, pp. 1657-1666.


S. Laestadius and C. Nuur, The disequilibrium path in natural resource economics. Stockholm : KTH Royal Institute of Technology, 2010.
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C. Nuur, Det Digitala Klivet. Sandlund and Company, 2000.

Chapters in books

C. Nuur, "Location as a matrix of competition," in A Dynamic Mind. Perspectives on Industrial Dynamics in Honour of Staffan Laestadius(2016),, Pär Blomkvist & Petter Johansson Ed., Stockholm : Kungliga Tekniska högskolan, 2016, pp. 109-151.
C. Nuur, "Hur gör man i Sverige?," in Leva någon annanstans : Elva berättelser i Sverige, Marie Peterson Ed., Lund : Columbi Publishing, 2011.
C. Nuur, "Att forska om periferin i periferin- en personlig odyssey," in Samtal och samhandling- erfarenheter från FOU-Centrum i Söderhamn interaktiv forskning i praktiken, Söderhamn : Söderhams förlag, 2007.
S. Laestadius, C. Nuur and H. Ylinenpää, "Regional växtkraft i en global ekonomi," in Regional växtkraft i en global ekonomi, Laestadius, Nuur & Ylinenpää Ed., : Santérus Academic Press Sweden, 2007, pp. 13--26.
S. Laestadius and C. Nuur, "Regionala innovationssystem som politisk praktik - en fallstudie av Triple Steelix," in Regional växtkraft I en global Ekonomi : Den svenska vinnväxt programmet, Stockholm : Santérus Förlag, 2007, pp. 189-219.
C. Nuur, "Business Networking Between Information Technology Companies in Söderhamn," in Forskningssamverkan och nya former av kunskapsbildning, Kjell Eriksson Ed., : Halmstadsförag, 2002.


S. Laestadius and C. Nuur, "Triple Steelix - a Regional Innovation System in the Making?," , TRITA-IEO, 2006:16, 2006.


E. Karakaya et al., "Lead markets at sub-national level," (Manuscript).
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