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Tzu-En Chien

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About me

About Me

I am 簡慈恩 (Chien, Tzu-En) from Taiwam, you can call me Steven. I like photograpgy, art and fixing stuffs.

Research field

Investigation of molecular spectroscopy, molecular reaction dynamics, kinetics and mechanisms on simple surfaces under ultra-high vacuum or near-ambient pressure conditions.

#Instrumental design #Surface reaction #Molecule

Near-Ambient Pressure Velocity Map Imaging (NAP-VMI)

My work in KTH involves designing and construction of a home-built instrument ''Near-ambient pressure velocity map imaging'' in Dan Harding's group. The machine is a surface scattering VMI machine that can work under near-ambient pressure (1e-3 mbar). A VMI is a technique that captures molecules and projects them onto a 2D sensor, the 2D images tell us the velocity and orientation of molecules.

More details can be found in My Portfolio and in our Instagram page.