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Chero Eliassi Sarzeli

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Chero Eliassi graduated with a Master´s degree in Landscape Architecture in 2019 at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Uppsala. Eliassi has worked since 2021 as a doctoral student in Jennifer Mack's research project entitled 'Parks around the Towers: Landscape as Resource in the Urban Periphery from the Record Years to the Future'. From a historical perspective, the research investigates how the outdoor environments of the Million Programme have been transformed, used, and formed after the record years (1961-1975) and how these landscapes can be viewed as a part of the Swedish cultural heritage.

With the title '“A Culture of Place” in Swedish Allotments: Gardens as Therapy and Threat in Holma, Malmö', Eliassi captures and investigates how cultivation in and adjacent to Million Programme areas have created social and therapeutic values, as well as a sense of collective belonging. The research is based on on-site studies in Malmö and other Swedish cities.

In 'Voices and Visions of Norrlidsparken', Eliassi explores the welfare neighborhood park in Norrliden: Norrlidsparken. The research begins with a microhistory of the sand in the park, what values it has registered, and what it has witnessed since the park was constructed. Further, it presents Norrlidsparken’s transformations from the early 1970s – in the form of physical, spatial, social, and material changes; planning regulations and guidelines; and political impact – until the present time.

Eliassi is also currently studying how spatial cultural practices occur in the Million Programme's outdoor environments. The research, entitled 'The transnational spatial practice of Newroz: an analysis of the practice amongst the Kurdish diaspora in Järva Field and Diyarbakır (Amed)' is a research topic that focuses on the manifestation and values of the spatial practice of Newroz in Järva field, in Stockholm, in comparison with the practice in the Kurdish-populated city of Diyarbakir, Turkey.



History and Theory of Architecture 3:2: Thesis, First Level (A31H2A), teacher | Course web

Introduction to Urban Economics (AD2865), teacher | Course web

Profile picture of Chero Eliassi Sarzeli