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Céline Montanari

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About me

Céline Montanari is a researcher at the Fibre and Polymer Technology department and the Wallenberg Wood Science Center at KTH. Her PhD was on the development of transparent wood biocomposites for structural applications. Her expertise and research interests include wood nanotechnology, nanostructural control, functional materials design, composites, green chemical modification, polymer synthesis and sustainable development.

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KTH: Transparent wood for thermal energy storage; Bio-based transparent wood


Featured in:

[English]    Forbes, The Guardian, MaterialsToday, BBC, Smithsonian magazine,
ACS Headline, ACS Orlando press conference, KTH Youtube

[Swedish]  Dagens industri, NyTeknik, Wallenbergstiftelserna, KTH press, Skogsindustrierna

[German]  Galileo, Süddeutsche Zeitung

[French]    OuestFrance, Science et vie


Electron Microscopy Analysis of Fibre and Polymer-based Materials (FCK3109), assistant | Course web

Polymer Composites - Micro and Nanoscale (KF2495), teacher | Course web