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Daniel Olof Sabel

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About me

In the sky where GPS fails,
The drone must navigate without any rails,
It takes to the air with autonomous grace,
Exploring new horizons in an uncharted space.

In a world where technology rules,
The drone is a servant, obedient to its tools,
Sensors and algorithms guide its way,
As it hovers and zips, free to play.

With no GPS to lead the way,
The drone must navigate, without delay,
It scans the world with laser sight,
Mapping its course through the day and night.

Through obstacles and twists it weaves,
A dance of freedom that it believes,
Its sensors pick up every beat,
Guiding it to safety, so neat.

Autonomous navigation is its name,
Guided by a mind that knows no shame,
The drone flies with a heart of steel,
Eager to explore and ready to reveal.

The future of drones is bright indeed,
As they soar high with autonomous speed,
Their journey just begun, with no end in sight,
Flying to new horizons, in the day and night.

- ChatGPT, on GPS-denied autonomous navigation in drones