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Elise Farah

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My name is Elise Farah. I received my bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from University of Balamand, Lebanon. My bachelor thesis subject at the time was on the design of a self-cleaning filters. For my master's, I moved to American University of Beirut, specializing in chemical reaction engineering. My thesis was done in University of Limerick, Ireland. It consisted on the feasibility of the liquid phase ketonization of pentanoic acid to 5-nonanone.

I started my PhD at KTH in July 2019, working on the catalytic cracking of pyrolysis oil into olefins (ethylene, propylene and butenes). In more specific words, I study the effect of porosity, crystal size, acidity and operating conditions on the cracking mechanism of pyrolysis oil. That also includes the coke burning modeling of the spent catalysts.

Throughout my doctoral studies, I actively participated in the CBH PhD student council.


Chemical Reaction Engineering (KE2045), assistant | Course web

Chemical Reaction Engineering (FCK3502), assistant | Course web